App Overview

Are any of your photos NEWS worthy?  BREAKINGNEWS: Photo Captions is simply the funniest, full featured, photo captioning app for the iPhone and iPod touch!  You can take your existing images and easily transform them into hilarious photo captions by adding real life news anchors and backgrounds.  Guaranteed hours of fun for family and friends.  Once you start editing your photos, you won’t want to stop!   

Using breakingNews

Using BREAKINGNEWS is fun and simple:

Step 1) Open an existing photo from your library or take a picture with the camera.

Step 2) Position the photo in the news screen with your fingers by panning and zooming.

Step 3) Change news anchors and backgrounds to match the photo caption.

Step 4) Type in your funny news caption.

Step 5) Save your photo caption or send to Facebook, Twitter, or email. 

What people are saying

“Take boring photos and make them FUN.  With the photo caption option, the possibilities are endless” - Maynard G.  

“Very simple and easy to use.  I created several BREAKINGNEWS photos within minutes…and everyone in my family just cracked up laughing.”- Marc Anthony L. 

“This is definitely an addictive app.  If you like photo editing apps, you will love BREAKINGNEWS.  It’s so much fun and hilarious.”- Janine G. 

“The app comes with several news anchor and background combinations to fit any photo and caption.  You can add any caption to the photos for a big laugh.”- Jacob L.  

“I created several funny photos by simply changing the backgrounds and adding interesting captions.  The app is so fun to use.”- Gloria L. 

“The end results are so hilarious.  I was able to share the BREAKINGNEWS photo captions via Twitter, Facebook, and email.”- Cameron N. 

“Five stars for this app!  I love taking photos and adding my touch.- Reid N

Additional Screenshots

Select backgrounds.

Once you select a photo from the gallery, you can easily change the background to match the photo.

Similarly, you can change the news anchor to match the backgound and photo.

Enter your captions.

Once you selet a photo from the gallery and size it appropriately in the news window, you can enter any breakingNews caption you want.

Have fun and be creative with your photo captions.

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